Paint Protection Film Can Save You Thousands In Repairs

Paint Protection is essential in keeping the paint on your vehicle looking brand new and preserving the new car shine for years to come.

PPF, sometimes called clear bra, offers optimal preservation for the paint on your vehicle. Protect the investment you made by having clear paint protection film applied to the essential parts or to your whole vehicle. Paint protection  safeguards against harsh weather conditions, acid rain, stones, sand,, bug acids and bird droppings. It is essential in preserving the paint and retaining your vehicle’s value.

Lightweight and transparent, paint protection film is applied to the exterior of your vehicle, which aids in preventing the paint from fading and damaging. Paint protection film was formatted to absorb light scratches and scuffs that can age the appearance of your car, truck or van. Damaging the paint on your vehicle no longer has to be a concern.

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This installer offers Xpel Design Program (DAP) pre-cut kit templates.